"5 эффективных шагов преодоления кризиса"

"5 эффективных шагов преодоления кризиса" предлагает Вам два варианта участия:

Вариант 1: Живой 2-х дневный семинар + онлайн поддержка в течении месяца, Апрель 16-17 в Москве

Вариант 2: 12-недельное онлайн обучение с консультационным сопровождением (3 часа в неделю в формате онлайн аудитории.)

"5 эффективных шагов преодоления кризиса": Программа .

День 1 Вы узнаете как быстро и точно оценить текущее состояние компании и наметить шаги решения ситуации. Вы узнаете, как:

  • Быстро сделать оценку финансового положения.

  • Выделить основные задачи, которые можно быстро реализовать для улучшения финансового положения.
  • Оценить состояние вашего рынка сбыта, соответствие ассортимента рынку, эффективность вашей маркетинговой и кадровой стратегии .

Вы сможете применить разработанные нами инструменты:

  Экспресс оценка оборотного капитала.

  Базовый анализ рынка и клиентской базы.

  Инструменты анализа продаж.

  Экспресс оценка эффективности кадровой политики.

Вы сможете ознакомиться и на практике применить основные методики оценки ситуации компании. Вы узнаете о работащих в России методах защиты от валютных рисков и о хеджировании. Сможете понять, что нужно делать в первую очередь.

День 2 Практические шаги выхода из кризиса.

Мы рассмотрим статьи и споробы оптимизации расходов.

Мы проведем вас по процессу оптимизации каналов сбыта, службы продаж и ассортимента..

Мы рассмотрим стратегии поиска новых клиентов, новых каналов продаж новых поставщиков. А также мы ознакомим Вас с

  Управлением мотивацией команды.

  Интсрументы приоритизации и контроля исполнения задач.

  Оценка эффективности работы персонала.

  Инструменты продвижения компании и улучшение привлекательности бизнеса.

  Методы управления клиентской базой.

  Инструменты удержания клиентов.

Онлайн поддержка Мы заинтересованы, чтобы Вы получили результат. Мы рекомендуем сразу начать внедрение методик и инструментов. Чтобы предоставить Вам максимальную ценность программы мы поддерживаем Вас целый месяц и отвечаем на Ваши вопросы, даем рекомендации.

  • Ваш результат - цель нашего тренинга.
  • Делайте все 5 шагов сразу после тренинга - в течении 3 месяцев.
  • Быстро внедряйте изменения.
  • Получите Ваш новый бесценный опыт.
  • Выдите из кризаса раньше конкурентов, получив дополнительные преимущества.

And we’ll focus on your self-presentation skills. How to find your personalized coaching message, how to introduce yourself in any context as a professional SI coach, how to speak to a client about the SI coaching packages you offer, and how to enroll them in your packages so that you can transform their lives.

Now, by going through SI Boot Camp, you get a Certificate as a Practitioner of Excellence from the Center for Strategic Intervention.

This certification is only granted to people who work with us in a small group environment. It means we know you, we’ve worked with you personally, and that you’ve been through our unique training system for building your Strategic Intervention Skills.

You also get a unique logo showing you are certified by the center for strategic intervention, and you’ll get a place in our graduate directory for when people come to our site looking for coaches.

We have designed this training specifically to break you through into a magnificent career as a Strategic Interventionist. We are here to help you transform the way you live and the way you SI Coach.

Bonus 1: SI Excellence. You’ll get our entire SI Excellence Strategic Intervention Coaching System. This is a 50+ hour $2500 training program we just completed with a group of students who had incredible growth as coaches and people.

This was a comprehensive 12 week program, and, you will receive access to all 12 weeks of recorded trainings, including in-depth teaching on the most important SI Strategies for unparalleled growth in your coaching practice. You’ll get highly focused teachings on:

  • Rapport, Elevation Process and Finding the Spark
  • Client Mindset
  • Understanding Fast vs. Slow Changers
  • Six Human Needs
  • Life Stages, Key Decisions
  • The Ten Success Zones Your Client Needs
  • Strength Finding Process
  • How to Work With Your Client’s Life Story
  • Parenting Strategies: Pick Three, Fairy Godmother Strategy
  • Couples Strategies:  Executive Meeting and Pretend Strategy
  • Hierarchy in Groups and Families
  • Metaphors for Individuals and Groups
  • Coach Positioning: Yourself And Your Client
  • Therapeutic Storytelling
  • Creating Alignment in Families

This training also includes extensive examples of coaching demonstrations, exercises, and practice sessions that will open up your possibilities and unleash your imagination.

Bonus 2: SI Experiential Training. This is a six week program where, on our live interactive training system, you will be walked through a specific coaching skill, strategy or teaching experience. Then you will do it yourself by coaching  and being coached by a fellow student. 

Students not only gain huge insight about themselves, gaining personal insight, learning how another coach uses a strategy with you, which is invaluable, but they also feel incredibly bonded as a community of learners, strategists, and friends.

Bonus 3: SI Strategy Integration, in this video training, you get a deeper understanding of how the concepts, strategies and skills of SI, work to broaden your range as an SI Coach.

You will get focused in depth instruction on the meaning behind the strategy, when to use it, and how it works to create change in and outside of your coaching session. You’ll get strategies for working with with parents, children, and couples, improving communication, and making better priorities.

Bonus 4: The Art of Success. Every month we interview a successful coach and discover their mindset, their secrets, and their marketing strategies to learn how they built the practice of their dreams.

Bonus 5: SI Directory. As a certified graduate of SI Excellence Boot camp, you become a member of the Strategic intervention Directory and Community. Our visitors will have access to your information as a coach and know how to reach you for information about your specialty.

Bonus 6: Six Month Membership to Coach Revolution, where you’ll get ongoing support, inspiration and connection from coaches and people interested in growth all over the world. This will be the premier online community for coaches and people interested in personal growth, and a great place to build your platform.

Bonus 7: SI Integrity Marketing Training. In this series you learn 6 keys to marketing yourself as an SI Coach, how to conduct the enrollment conversation with a client, when you introduce them to your new coaching package, how to find business partners in your community, how to approach your colleagues and orchestrate joint ventures, and how to write about yourself and position yourself effectively online and in print. 

Here's what SI students say...

I just came home with a smile on my face. My head resonates with tools, advice, and strategies from each and all of you! I can’t wait to start asking questions all around me and see the progress I can make supporting people discovering their purpose and implementing strategies. I am shouting a loud thank you for the fab training. I learned A LOT!

Sue Hayes

SI Coach and Education Specialist

"It's interesting how Magali brought out the inner truth from everyone and gave us the ability to be ourselves. Magali, I am telling you one thing, You are amazing and G-D gave you the ability to help other people. "

Rabbi Usher

Strategic Interventionist

"The thing that stood out to me most was when Mark said that making people 
feel bad about their problem (like an addiction or something) doesn't help 
them change it, but lifting them up does! I loved that and it was just 
the answer I needed for my son. 
The exercise at the end moved me deeply."

Linda Canetti 

Strategic Interventionist

Here's What You'll Get At SI Boot Camp

Part 1: Small Group Live Training
Training Option 1: SI Boot Camp Live in Portland, OR. August 16-18

Training Option 2: SI Boot Camp At Home for 12 Weeks, starting September 17

Part 2: Seven Amazing Bonuses
  • Bonus 1: SI Excellence. You’ll get our entire SI Excellence Strategic Intervention Coaching System. This is a 50+ hour $2500 training program.
  • Bonus 2: SI Experiential Training. Six weeks of live coaching practice.
  • Bonus 3: SI Strategy Integration, in this video training, you get a deeper understanding of how the concepts, strategies and skills of SI work.
  • Bonus 4: The Art of Success. Twelve interviews that will teach and inspire you.
  • Bonus 5: SI Directory As a certified graduate of SI Excellence Boot camp, you become a member of the Strategic intervention Directory and Community. 
  • Bonus 6: You’ll get a six month membership to Coach Revolution.
  • Bonus 7: The SI Integrity Marketing training for your business.

We look forward to personally guiding you in your work as a Strategic Interventionist.


Mark & Magali Peysha